Buckeye Lake and Lockville

Now known as Buckeye Lake this was the Licking Summit Reservoir for the Ohio & Erie Canal. Located at Millersport is the “The Museum, Buckeye Lake” which relates local history of the canal and the reservoir. Nearby, in northwest Fairfield County, is Lockville. This is an excellent place to see three well-preserved locks in the public - accessible park. A kiosk in the park has a brief description of the area.

Two miles southeast of Lockville is Carroll. It represents the junction of the Ohio & Erie Canal and the Hocking Canal. The convergence angle of the two canals accounts for the unusual street layout of the town.


For more information visit: Buckeye Lake                  
                                             Buckeye Lake State Park
Location: Buckeye Lake - 2 miles south of Hebron.            Lockville - Pickerington Road in Fairfield County.